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Review by Carole CERDAN

It has only been a year since the FACE YOURSELF members started creating music together, and they already offer us their third deathcore EP : « Tales of Death ». Of course, these 6 musicians are not new comers in the music industry and it can probably explain why the band already benefits from 17K followers on Instagram, 10K followers on Facebook and almost 65K listeners per month on Spotify. The other clue of explanation can be found in their music itself : their third EP demonstrates that they’ve already reached the point where they have their sound, their team cohesion and the efficiency in the writting process that some bands may search for years. Let’s open this deathcore tale together…

« Tales of Death » is a kind of poisonous collection of short stories for which lyrics are written by the FACE YOURSELF vocalist, Yasmine, whose versatile voice changes according to the purpose of the tale. Yasmine can extend her range between incredible low gutturals and threatening highs. Despite English not being her native language (she’s French), her flow is breathtaking ! 

The first track of this EP is ‘The Betrayer’ where we can recognize immediately the codes of FACE YOURSELF deathcore sound : Eric Di Carlo’s drums alternate pure blasting speed and precise attacking beats, guitars offer uncompromising riffs, and there are effects to emphasis the loud atmosphere, when a touch of groove is added by bass and merciless breakdowns.

Now that the betrayer is sentenced to death, we can listen to the next track, ‘Guillotine’. This one starts with a straightforward frightening versus so fast that it gives the breakdown its whole dimension and leads us to drown ourselves into the more ambient part, before being taken into a spiralling part again, and reaching a guitar / voice duet, as an ultimate attempt to reach calm before the final fall… I definitively see the full potential of this track for moshpit ! 

‘Sirens’ are far less charming than the creatures in the Anderson’s tale, here the menace is clearly shown. The instrumental hits deeper, the agony is slower, I really like the guitar playing a solo-esque part as Yasmine keeps shouting, like a cringe siren’s call.

Speaking about feminine perveted soul, here comes ‘Bathory’ and the story of the bloody countess. Interesting plot twist on this track : after telling us about the unfamous records of the countess, she is called back to life as Yasmine impersonate her and expose her side of the story.

‘Amongst the dead’ offers the only track with guests on this EP,  OCEAN OF ILLUSIONS. This track is very straightforward, and voices working perfectly together, it offers a pleasing change of color in the EP before its end, like an epilogue of this intense tale.

This EP offer 18 minutes of such level of brutal efficiency that it will punch you in the face… I can’t wait to hear it live.

FACE YOURSELF will play their debut show with SIGN OF THE SWARM on the 27th of January 2024 in NJ (USA).